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What current Broadway singers would you recommend to your students?

This is a great question.  Here is a list of some of my favorites.  I've put a star next to the names of those I've heard in person.  I mention the show that I feel represents them well.

Patti Lupone* - Sweeney Todd, Gypsy - an actor who sings; always, always interesting
Victoria Clark* - Light in the Piazza - wonderful mix, fabulous technique
Kelli O'Hara* - Light in the Piazza, South Pacific - perfectly balanced voice.
Stepanie Block* - Pirate Queen, Nine to Five, Wicked - Loud, soft and in between, terrific singer
Sutton Foster* (belt that incorporates head voice) - Drowsy Chaperone, Young Frankenstein, belts with the best of them and very smart
Shoshona Bean (belt that incorporates head voice) - Wicked - passion, passion, passion
Lea Salonga - (belt that incorporates head voice) - Les Miz and Miss Saigon
Barbara Streisand - a classy belter - Funny Girl
Ethel Mermann - (belter) loud, boisterous, healthy - Gypsy
Andrea McArdle - (belter) the original Annie and nearing 50, still going strong

Brian Stokes Mitchell* - Man of La Mancha - The Quintessential Broadway Baritone
Mark Jacoby* - Sweeney Todd, Phantom, La Mancha - A master technician
Michael Cerveris* - Sweeney Todd - an actor who can sing anything
Michael Ball - Phantom - always a beautiful tone
George Hearn - Sweeney Todd - a singing actor from head to toe.
Drew Sarich* - Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miz - a very flexible, resilient and reliable voice.

How frequently and for what duration should a voice student (12 year-old) practice?

Not knowing the 12 year old you speak of, I will allow myself to speak in general.  I would recommend that a 12 year old practice 2 or three times per day for 15 minutes at a time.  That time should be used for warming up, vocalizing (working on new skills) and singing song repertoire.  This is the time used for actual singing.  Other things can be done related to singing outside of that 45 minutes.  Time can be spent listening to singers who are expert at the style(s) you desire to master.  Time can be spent memorizing song rep.  Time can be spent working on musicianship, perhaps learning another instrument. And last but not least, time can be spent exercising your body.  Your body is your instrument.  If you are out of shape, it hinders your singing.

If the singer sings in choir for 45 minutes, has a show rehearsal after school and church choir at night, she's done enough.  (She's actually done too much.)

Will this (lessons) make me become a good singer? Anonymous

Good to some is bad to others.  I do my best to help singers improve on what they currently do and maximize their potential.

What age do you feel is a good age to start with lessons?  Anonymous submission.

I accept children as students beginning at 7 years of age.  Contrary to some opinions, children can sing incorrectly.  They are influenced by every singing voice they hear.  I have had several young children come to me trying to sound like adults.  Over time, this heavy singing will cause damage.  Practice makes permanent.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.

How often should I take voice lessons?  Anonymous submission.

Once per week is the suggested minimum.

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